We are very proud to be official dealers for the full range of Abbey Machinery slurry machinery and also the full range of the Abbey Diet Feeders.



Having cut his teeth selling machinery for a well known mixer wagon manufacturer, Will has also grown up as a dairy farmers son and therefore has extensive knowledge when it comes to cow health and better feeding efficiency.

With the range of Abbey VM Vertical Mixer Range, you can ensure that the ration delivered is properly mixed, not over-processed and enables your stock to get more milk from less feed and in the case of beef cattle improve daily live-weight gain from the same dry-matter intake.

The range comprises of the smallest single rotor mixer which has 7 Cu M  capacity to 14 Cu M, single tub, 8mm thick walls and driven by a simple heavy-duty gearbox system, with the twin auger range from 15 Cu M capacity right up to a massive 28 Cu M machine.

With a vast range of options for feed discharge, weighing systems and axle configurations available, you can be sure that one of the Abbey VM Mixer Range will suit your farm and your application requirements.


The proven Abbey Mixer/feeder range are now well recognised for their many distinctive characteristics; superior mixing qualities, even distribution, strength and reliability. They are a popular choice of many leading farms and farming institutions in Ireland and other European countries.

The Abbey Paddle mixing action concentrates on the use of individually angled paddle arms connected to a single rotor, rotating and moving the feed material gently forward and backwards, lifting the feed material around the machine, within minutes this action creates a light fluffy ration. This unique design ensures that even the smallest ingredients is uniformly distributed throughout, while maintaining a low HP requirements.

To discharge the feed from the Abbey paddle feeder, the operator just has to open the large hydraulically operated guiliotine door at the side of the diet feeder, situated on the right side of the machine for ease to use with the hydraulic controls in the tractor the use of a wide discharge door allows one to  feed out the ration accurately and consistently.

Abbey can tailor make the discharge height to suit your own individual requirements. With the different options Abbey provide in discharge elevators either a slat and chain or PVC belt the feed can be delivered over feed barriers of different heights.

The Construction of the Abbey Paddle feeder has no rival in strength or design. It is built with a double chassis and this ensures even weight distribution, greater stability and extra strength to the overall built of the paddle feeder.


The vast range caters for all types of applications ranging from small standard range of 900-200 gallons right up to the massive range topping Tridem tri-axle tanker range of 4000-5000 gallon capacity.

With various options of spreader-plate, trailing shoe or mounted dribble bars or injectors, you can be sure that by choosing to buy an Abbey tanker you are investing in nearly seventy years of family traditional values combined with state of the art design and manufacturing technology!

The Abbey ECO Recess Tankers range are available in two sizes, 1600 and 2000 gallon capacities respectively; they compliment the Recess Tanker range perfectly,whilst still maintaining the build quality and reliability, as well as delivering a top-class performance against any tanker of it's similar class in todays market.

The twin axle tankers are fitted with a robust self-steering multi-leaf spring bogey, ensuring that less "scuffing" occurs to create extra tyre wear and heat, whilst giving you a unique ability to manoeuvre in tight confined access points and spaces.

With the unique "parabolic" Multi-Leaf Suspension Sprung Drawbar System, you can be assured of a smoother ride whether you are full or unladen, coupled with a host of tyre and wheel options to suit on-land or roading capabilities, the tandem range suits a larger operator/ contractor.

Call us today to discuss your slurry and effluent logistical requirements and see how you can benefit from using a tanker from Abbey!

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