Having cut his  teeth selling for a well known diet feeder manufacturer and being an ex dairy farmers son, Will Mallon and the team here at WM Agri feel that we have enough expertise to help you utilise the best out of home produced feeds and making better feed efficiency of the forage intake your animals eat.


We are extremely proud to be a recognised dealer for Abbey Machinery, which for nearly seventy years have been making high quality farm machinery for the Irish, UK marketplace and further beyond.

The VM range of single and twin auger diet feeders incorporate a strong and sturdy gear-box drive, with various discharge options, counter knives for much more aggressive chopping and incorporation of fibre, delivering a well mixed not over-processed TMR for better forage utilisation of making more milk from the same dry matter intake and better daily live-weight gain for beef animals.

We also have the necessary expertise to help you get the best nutritional advice for feeding your cows with our other industry partners; call us today to see how you can benefit from using the Abbey Machinery VM diet feeders!

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