We are very pleased to announce we are now importing the Safety Zone Calf-Catcher!

Designed to put less stress on the stockman and the cow and calf at calving time, this ingenious designed attachment can revolutionise your calving season!

With the ability to attach to either your ATV or UTV, the Calf Catcher attaches to the 50 mm ball hitch (supplied with the catcher) on the front of the carrier and the rear drawbar.

With the ability to process calves by tagging inoculating them whilst in the vision of the cow and safely transporting them to the sick bay when required with Mum following behind, you can be assured that calving time doesn't have to be so stressful!

Available with the option of road tow hitch or UTV attachment.


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  • £2,502.00

  • Ex Tax: £2,500.00

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